The Centre shall be a permanent platform of cooperation, experimentation and transfer among researchers and local stakeholders, promoting the creation and improvement of methodological action-research objectives, in order to strengthen the development of territorial and European identities, guaranteeing the specific peculiarities and differences, starting from the cultural heritages of the Mediterranean Basin.

Research activities are extensive and detailed, envisaging the creation of scientific work of international standing. The aim is to contribute in an original, innovative and scientifically founded way with the aim of advancing the state of the art of the sectors involved and to promote and give back “Mediterranean Knowledge ” its central role. For this purpose, by way of example, the principal and transversal lines of research activities are listed hereunder:

Leading lines of research:

  1. Fundamentals: the concept of knowledge; concept of culture, development and protection of cultural heritage; identity and recognition; migration; territorial politics of sustainability; tools for policy analysis; information and communication in the circulation of knowledge.
  2. Tools: conceptualization and production of indicators for the development and dissemination of knowledge; tools for the sharing of information in the network; tool boxes for concept analysis and evaluation.
  3. Governance: governance for the development of cultural heritage; systems analysis of territorial governance and the stakeholders involved; methods and tools for the achievement of shared decisions.

Transversal lines of research:

  1. Resilience: the ability of social groups and territories to respond positively to change, facing opposition effectively and giving a new impetus in the future.
  2. Culture: the cultural dimension as a driver for sustainable development and the development of identity.