The gnosiological knowledge-society relationship hasn’t been solved yet. Nevertheless, one thing is clear: knowledge is the future and therefore we must invest in it, not only to assert a socially-approved knowledge that contributes to the responsibility of positive action for knowledge itself and for society as a whole, but also for the affirmation of knowledge as a tool for overcoming economic and socio-cultural differences. To achieve this objective, the Centre will promote different initiatives for training and dissemination of knowledge:

  • Organizing the annual international congress on “Mediterranean Knowledge”, to be hosted by one of the partners of the Centre;
  • Setting up postgraduate courses at Masters and PhD levels, inherent to the lines of research of the ICSR “Mediterranean knowledge”, with the participation of the national and international partners of the Centre;
  • Offering support to post-graduate and PhD students conducting research on lines of research of the ICSR “Mediterranean knowledge”;
  • Organizing thematic seminars to provide a platform where scholars and local actors can exchange knowledge and opinions.