Beyond the Borders. The Mediterranean between Cultures, Migrations and Life-world


This book resulted from a rich collaboration between sociologists of different nationalities and reflects on Mediterranean as a strategic element to overcome the current crisis in Europe, becoming stimuli for the review of European policies and providing a solid foundation for the growth of a true European cultural heritage and knowledge, then passing it on to future generations. This book represent an attempt to go beyond the “boundaries†and this means rethinking the current idea of Europe and the Mediterranean. The knowledge and cultural values of the Mediterranean can be the driving force to overcome the impasse of which Europe cannot free itself.

So, while some chapters strive to formulate more general categories, others deal with the concrete situated reality. We expect this reflection to produce a refreshing outlook on Mediterranean.

The book is organized into three part, which dialogue with each other: “Mediterranean and Cultureâ€, “Mediterranean and Migrations†and “Mediterranean and Life-worldâ€.

Author Biography

Emiliana Mangone, University of Salerno
Dipartimento di Scienze Umane, Filosofiche e della Formazione (DISUFF)