The Roles of the Civil Society and International Humanitarian Organisations in Managing Refugees Crisis in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region

  • Mehari Fisseha Ghent University


The Civil SocietyOrganization (CSO) can be categorized into domestic and international. This paperwill historically and critically analyze efforts and works of the both of them in managing the catastrophic Refugees crisis in this region;as well as the dynamics of the region’s Refugees crisis. This paper would be segmented into: a). A thorough examination of the nature of the conflicts in this region since the Arab Spring as well as the ongoing challenges in leadership, governance; and economic hardships. b).This would be about an analysis of the general roles of the CSOs andInternational Humanitarian Organizations in managing MENA’s Refugees crisis.

Author Biography

Mehari Fisseha, Ghent University

PhD Candidate in Public Administration and Management

'Governing & Policing Security' (

Department of Public Governance, Management and Finance

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Ghent University

Henleykaai 84

B-9000 Ghent


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