A grounded theory for unaccompanied foreign minors in Italy: the case study of Egyptian minors

  • Lavinia Bianchi Università degli Studi di Roma3


The article suggests to share a research first emerging categories according to methodological universe of the "Grounded Theory" based on a mental construction/orientation process.

The main target is to investigate in the educational relationship between an unaccompanied minor (MSNA) and his educator, and so has  also to  consider  the progressive changes in the learning of the language and the  corresponding humanization of the same,  so well the continued definition and shared construction of the intercultural practice. 

At this stage of doctoral research, some categories are emerging that are particularly pertinent to the Egyptian participants in the study. The egyptians are the main nationality present in italian system of host.

The theory which is emergeting will be a scratch theory and  has not a validation target of preconceived hypothesis.


Author Biography

Lavinia Bianchi, Università degli Studi di Roma3
Lavinia BianchiPh.D student Theoretical and Applied Social ResearchDepartment of Education ScienceRoma Tre UniversityVia Milazzo 3, 00185, Rome (IT)3396005504


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