Review of the invited symposium “CULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY: A NEW SCIENCE OF THE HUMAN NATURE” at the ICP 2016 in Yokohama on July 26, 2016

  • Kolja Lehmann-Muriithi none


This is a review of the symposium “Cultural Psychology: A new science of the human nature“, which took place at the International Conference of psychology in Yokohama in 2016. The symposium was a collaborative effort of the editors and authors of the „Yokohama Manifesto“ and its main goal was to make this Manifesto known to a wider audience. There were five groups of authors and co-authors who presented their findings in different areas of the developing field of Cultural Psychology in short talks, and five discussants commenting on their respective findings.

Author Biography

Kolja Lehmann-Muriithi, none

M.A. Philosophy (University of Hamburg, Germany)

Ph.D. Psychology (University of Hamburg, Germany, & Georgetown University, Washington, DC)


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