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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - Vol. 6(1)/2021 (PDF download)


Interaction and Exchanges between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic

Editors: Giuseppe D’Angelo & Erminio Fonzo, University of Salerno (Italy)

Deadline for abstract submission: 30 June 2020

Identity and features of the Mediterranean are also shaped by its relations with other continents. Since the last decade of the XV century, the Americas have been an essential partner of the Mediterranean countries, at all levels. After a stage of European domination over the «new continent», the two areas have continuously interacted and such an interaction has contributed to the nation building of both European and American countries. Over the centuries, also the Southern shore of the Mediterranean – North Africa and Middle East –has had close relations with the Americas. Today, the exchanges between the Mediterranean Basin and the «new continent» are continuous and intense, involving all the areas of the human activity.

The Vol. 6(1) of the Journal of Mediterranean Knowledge aims at exploring the relations between the Mediterranean and the American continent, both northern and southern, with a multidisciplinary approach. Contributions by historians, sociologists, anthropologists, scholars of literature, philosophers and other social scientists are welcomed.

Articles are expected to address several topics, proposing either case-studies or general analysis:

  • Migrations, role of immigrant communities and citizens of foreign descent;
  • Cultural exchanges, including not only “high culture”, such as art and literature, but also ways of life,religion, sport;
  • Influences on politics;
  • Economic relations and trade;
  • American perception of the Mediterranean events;
  • Diplomatic relations between Mediterranean and American countries.

All topics can be examined either in historical perspective or in reference to the present world.


E-mail your abstract in English (from 250-300 words) by 30 June, 2020 as e-mail attachment to: and must explain subject, methodology and sources of the proposed contributions. Each abstract, furthermore,has to indicate name, affiliation and e-mail address of the author and must be accompanied by a short biographical note (maximum 100 words). In case of proposals presented by more than one author, the corresponding author must be specified.

The editors, after consultation with the scientific committee, will evaluate the abstracts and communicate their decision (by 15 July 2020). The authors whose proposal has been accepted will prepare their final papers. In accordance to the policy of the Journal of Mediterranean Knowledge, all papers will be submitted to double blind peer review. Papers must respect the editorial rules of the Journal (; length between 35.000 and 45.000 characters including footnotes, references and spaces; not including abstract and keywords).

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Submission of abstracts: 30 June 2020

Decision on abstracts: 15 July 2020

Submission of final papers: 31 January 2021

Communication about peer review: March-April 2021

Submission of revised papers: May 2021

Publication: June 2021