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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - Vol. 6(2)/2021  



Guest Editors: Sandra Lorenzano (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) & Valentina Ripa (Università degli Studi di Salerno)

Deadline for abstract submission: 18 April 2021


“Exile is strangely compelling to think about but terrible to experience. It is the unhealable rift forced between a human being and a native place, between the self and its true home: its essential sadness can never be surmounted” (Edward Said, Reflections on Exile)

Individual or collective displacements have characterized the history of the Mediterranean: over the centuries, countless people have had to leave their countries to save their lives. Wars, dictatorships, famines, natural catastrophes, have pushed human beings to seek spaces in which to live with dignity and peace.

Exile, asylum, migration, expatriation... are terms that are closely related and whose conceptual borders move according to the theoretical, historical and cultural perspectives with which they are viewed.

The issue 6(2) of the Journal of Mediterranean Knowledge will focus on the role of exile in the history of the Mediterranean, on its effects and its limits, with particular attention to the politically motivated exile of the 20th and 21st centuries that involve Mediterranean countries both as places of departure and as places of reception.

The issue will include general analysis and specific case-studies, and is open to contributions from scholars of various scientific-disciplinary fields. Articles are expected to address several topics, like:

  • Individual and collective exile and political and intellectual role of exiles;
  • The right of asylum over the centuries (law and its application; political and social debates);
  • Exile and Human Rights;
  • Different ways of welcoming exiles;
  • Linguistics aspects of the exile;
  • Cultural impact of the exile, including art, science, literature, cinema, politics, ways of life, religion, sport;
  • The impact of exile in second generations;
  • The (im)possible return


Please e-mail your abstract in English (250-300 words) by 15 March 2021 as an attachment to Each abstract must explain subject, methodology and sources of the proposed contributions; must indicate name, affiliation and e-mail address of the author; must be accompanied by a short biographical note of the author. In case of proposals presented by more than one author, the corresponding authors must be specified.

The editors, after consultation with the scientific committee, will evaluate the abstracts and communicate their decision (by 30 March 2021). The authors whose proposal will have been accepted will send their final papers by 30 July 2021. In accordance to the policy of the Journal of Mediterranean Knowledge, all papers will be submitted to double blind peer review.

Papers must respect the editorial rules of the Journal:;


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Submission of abstracts: 15 March 2021

Decision on abstracts: 30 March 2021

Submission of final papers: 30 July 2021

Communication about peer review: 8 October 2021

Submission of revised papers: 31 October 2021

Publication: December 2021