University-industry partnership. A key to Sustainable Development in Algeria: “Return to an experience”

  • Nahla NAGA University of Algiers CREAD


Nowadays, the economics and social changes that the world is undergoing lead the organizations to adapt their strategies, to cope with the reality of this unstable environment. Due to this, the companies have realized that the achievement of objectives no longer depends on the acquisition of new technologies solely, but by the combination between research and companies which has become a real need to promote economic and social development.

This paper presents an experience of conducting a research in an Algerian company that tries to implement a competency-based pay system in her strategy. This experience allowed us, to mobilize investigative techniques in order to apprehend and to answer the questions raised in our research.

In the paper we will discuss how the survey was conducted in the company, what research techniques were used, the importance of applying the results of the study, and the need to establish a partnership between the universities and the economic institutions to achieve the sustainable development.


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