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Human and Social Sciences for the Future of the Mediterranean

International Seminar

The Mediterranean world has today to face new challenges. Along with the issues arisen in the past decades – migration from the Southern to the Northern shore, relations among peoples and civilizations living in the Basin, role of the European Union and its relations with North-Africa and Middle East, Arab-Israeli conflict and its international repercussions, terrorism, growth of populism and xenophobia – the covid-19 pandemic has imposed to restructure social relations, economy, international relations and political action.

In this context, human and social sciences are called to question old and new issues: historians, sociologists, anthropologists, economists, jurists, scholars of literature, has to provide tools of knowledge to analyse the present situation and the ongoing changes, to manage the emergencies and to establish development plans.

The ICSR Mediterranean Knowledge has always had the dissemination of knowledge and the proposal of new research as its main targets. Following this line, the ICSR proposes an international seminar, which shall be an opportunity to reflect on the role of human and social sciences in the present situation of the Mediterranean Basin, as well as to make circulate knowledge, by sharing research projects developed by groups or individual scholars.

As is customary for the ICSR, the seminar will include researchers with diverse expertise and coming from diverse academic backgrounds. Both members of the ICSR and external scholars will be able to participate.

The reflections that will emerge from the seminar will provide a contribution to research and will be useful to outline the guidelines of the ICSR in next years.

The aim is above all to stimulate the debate, thus after each presentation (15-20 minutes), an ample space will be devoted to the interventions of the participants.

Papers can include case studies, examining the contribution of human and social sciences to individual questions; more general reflections, for example the role of an individual discipline in the present emergencies; analysis of the state of the art of individual disciplines on specific issues. Also contributions of local nature, for example about the work of individual scholars and research groups, and presentation of studies (both in progress and completed) are welcomed, so long as they are connected to the moment that the Mediterranean is going through. Priority will be given to the proposals useful to outline the next research activities of the ICSR Mediterranean Knowledge.

Members of the ICSR and eventual external scholars are invited to submit their proposal by sending an abstract (150-200 words) to, explaining the subject of their paper.

The seminar will be held online, on a platform to be defined, in the next June/July.

The Proceedings will be published in the ICSR book series Mediterranean, Knowledge, Culture and Heritage.