Short History

The ICSR “Mediterranean Knowledge” has been established in May 2015 at the Department of Human, Philosophical and Education Sciences (DISUFF) of the Università di Salerno (Italy). Several universities and research groups of the Mediterranean Basin have joined the project:

  • Institut Catholique de Toulouse (France)
  • Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)
  • Universidad de Huelva (Spain) 
  • Centre de Recherche en Economie Appliquée pour le Développement (Algeria)  
  • Accademia di Belle Arti, Naples (Italy) (in 2017 it exited the ICSR)
  • Università di Palermo (Italy) (in 2021 it exited the ICSR)
  • Università del Molise (Italy)
  • Università LUMSA (Italy)
  • ISIA Roma Design (Italy)
  • Università per Stranieri “Dante Alighieri”, Reggio Calabria (Italy)
  • Mediterranean Institute of the University of Malta (Malta)
  • Universidade do Porto (Portugal)
  • Universidade do Algarve/CIEO (Portugal)

In such a way, the ICSR has gathered hundreds of scholars, who have taken part in the initiatives in various ways. Moreover, the ICSR has established fruitful contacts with other researchers, coming not only from the Mediterranean Basin, but also from Northern and Southern America and from Asia. Many of them have been among the promoters of the international conferences and have contributed to widen the group of the authors of the scientific products.

Over the years, opportunities for discussion have been numerous, thanks to the missions abroad of individual scholars, four international conferences and several national congresses and seminars.The ICSR, furthermore, has assisted PhD students in the preparation of their dissertations and has hosted interns from Turkey and Algeria at its venue of Salerno (see the Archive).

Main activity of the ICSR has been the publication of the following research products: the Journal of Mediterranean Knowledge, published biannually; the Working Papers series; the book series Mediterranean, Knowledge, Culture and Heritage. All research products are submitted to a rigorous peer review process and are accredited to the Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes (ANVUR) and to some of the most important international indexes. All publications are available in open access, following the principle of easing the free access to knowledge, and are disseminated through several channels, including social networks, to reach as broad a public as possible.

The ICSR has been directed by Emiliana Mangone (professor of sociology – Università di Salerno) from May 2015 to October 2020. Since then, it is directed by Giuseppe D’Angelo (professor of contemporary history – Università di Salerno).

The agreement among universities and institutions units is under review. The signature of the new agreement, with the accession of new Research Units, is expected in May 2021.