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Conference – ICSR Mediterranean Knowledge

“Migranti tra allarmismo e risorsa sociale” – 23-24 November 2016, University of Salerno

Next meeting is the Conference “Migranti tra allarmismo e risorsa sociale”, expected at the University of Salerno on 23/24 November 2016.

The Conference aims at increasing the existing corpus of theories on political and social conflicts among society and individuals, on the impact of mobility, on the role plaid by the symbolic dimension in the interaction and adaptation processes, on the policies of school inclusion and of access to the services. It is no longer sufficient to know how many are the foreigners and which are the socio-demographic features, but it is needed to individuate what migrants represent in terms of behaviour, way of life, cultural models, as well as what are their needs and their expectations.

The hypothesis is that the existential condition of migration drives to the formation of multiple identities, more and more diasporic, de-territorialized and recomposed at individual level. In this scenario the integration of migrants is due to bilateral processes, that are significantly influenced by the social representations built by migrants about population and society of destination (before and after the arrival), as well as by the intangible resources put in place by them. In such a way migrants must be considered full social actors (bearers of stories, views, abilities) and the integration processes are not determined only by the framework of the hosting system but, at least in part, they are the result of the strategic paths followed by migrants, who act in a context where choices are made on the basis of particular social frameworks of knowledge.

The initiative, of great scientific and social value, involve not only scholars of Italian universities, but also the Foundation Migrantes, the Ministry of Interior, as well as representatives of third sector and civil society involved in the different issues of migratory phenomena.


Book discussion – University of Molise 

November 17th, 2016, Campobasso

Giulio Albanese’s In the Name of “god”: Victims and Oppressors (Nel nome di “dio”: vittime e carnefici, Einaudi, Torino 2016) addresses the very timely issue of the role played by religions in contemporary global world, with a special attention to the African continent.

In the very same moment in which interfaith and inter-religious dialogue is recognized as a much needed tool for a pacific cohabitation among cultures, religious presuppositions are being ideologically used everyday as a tool to destroy the “Others”. Therefore, it is all the more important to carefully discuss this topic, which has clear implications also for the Mediterranean area.

A Combonian father and a journalist, the author has been the director of the New People Media Centre in Nairobi, and the founder in 1997 of the “Missionary Service News Agency”, currently “Missionary International Service Agency (MISNA)”. He collaborates with several newspapers, among them “Avvenire” and “Giornale Radio Rai”, on issues relating to Africa and the South.



“Gender, Sexuality, Migration”

International Conference

ICSR Mediterranean Knowledge

14-15 November 2016, University of Salerno (UNISA) – Italy